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My adventures in the online realm began in February of 2013.  My husband was finishing his degree, and after I finished lesson planning and grading papers, I'd often tell him that I wanted to hang out or do something fun instead of watching him finish his homework.  He told me I needed a hobby.  Thus, my blog and TpT store was born!  Since then, it has turned into a fun way of rewarding my students with a variety of ways to learn.  I even get to share these ideas with many other teachers around the world; how rewarding!

I have a serious sweet tooth.  My favorite form of chocolate is when it comes paired with mint.  YUUUUUUUUM!  I don't really love sugary candy, but if it's in my desk and I am hungry, I am no respecter of food.  Coincidentally, though, I do love Sour Patch kids, even if they make my mouth a little sore after indulging too much.  I try really hard to be healthy, so I usually satisfy my sweet tooth with fruit.  I ate 2 huge watermelons solo two summers ago in a 7-day time frame.  Probably not a great idea for the future.  I now have my own peach tree in my yard, and I will eat every last one of those little juicy suckers.  My students know this, and they'll often bring fruit from their yards to me because they are nice.

I have always wanted to be a teacher.  Even when I didn't want to be a teacher, I still wanted to be a teacher.  Let me explain.  I started university as an elementary education major.  I decided I didn't want to be a teacher.  So, I thought majoring in English would be fun, and, it would even be cool to be an English teacher.  Maybe.  After a few semesters of realizing I really didn't love Shakespeare enough to convince high schoolers it was worth reading instead of watching the movie, I decided to major in history.  And while I was majoring in history, I should probably share the lessons we've learned from the past with my students...as a teacher.  I've always loved math, and most especially math tests (weird, I know, and that changed in college, ha!).  So, I changed my major.  To be a math teacher.  I added a second major: physics.  Do you see the trend here?  I realized I needed to be an elementary teacher because I like too many subjects and want to teach them all.  

I did my practice teaching in third grade and sixth grade.  I was obsessed with the sixth grade curriculum because it was full of pre-algebra, heat, light, sound, Egypt, Greece and writing about opinions and controversies.  I taught third grade my first year of teaching, and then a sixth grade opening at the same school opened up, and I never looked back.  Sixth graders sometimes garner a bad reputation for their attitude.  There are days I agree with that!  But, they are few and far between, and, most of them time I love the sass, sarcasm, and wit that they are learning to use.  I love that they have favorite subjects, and despite the skepticism in their hearts, they still think that there's a tiny chance you can make a lesson "cool."  Sixth grade will always be my sweet spot!

Other than teaching and school stuff, I'm a Mormon.  Our official name is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but "Mormon" is what most people know us as because we believe in The Book of Mormon as well as the Bible!  I'm grateful for Jesus Christ and his endless forgiveness because the mistakes are plentiful 'round here.  You are welcome to learn more HERE if you're interested! 

PS - Bird is a nickname affectionately given to me by my sister was I was in elementary school.  Every letter I have from her is addressed to Bird.

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