Scavenger Egg Hunt: Equivalent Expressions

Teaching is a blast because nothing is the same.  Sure, I teach the same standards each year and often use similar lessons and activities.  But each group is so different that it makes each day a blast!  The munchkins this year are in need of some extra practice for equivalent expressions.  We've moved on from an intense focus, but I REFUSE to let their hard work slip away into forgetful oblivion.  So, we're having an Easter Egg Hunt.  Because we can.  And because DEEEEEEEP down in a "cool" 6th grader's heart is a love for all things fun and all things holiday.  They're just taller kids. 

Anyway, I made this snazzy guy and I am PUMPED to bust it next week as we gear up for spring break.  #ineedallofthefocusicanget  I figure the kids are wild anyway, so why not take advantage and send them outside to do math.  I may even put a few Starburst Jelly Beans in them as well.  If I don't eat the bag, first!

I'm using this product I made which can be purchased in my store, here.  (PS - If you're not an egg/Easter person, don't worry.  It can be used for anytime of the year!)

I have 28 kiddos, so I'm going to make 4 groups of 6-7 (depending on how many kids are absent - a lot of families start vacation early......)  but I'm also going to put a few equivalent expressions in eggs that don't match anyone's expressions because I think it's also important to say, "Hey!  This one isn't equivalent at all!" vs. just finding a way it CAN be equivalent. 
Keep your "base" expressions (the part with the number) for a souvenir.  (this page doubles as the answer they're there for reference)
Everyone in the group needs the response sheet.  There is a space for each equivalent expression! 
Send them outside to get out the energy, find eggs, AND do math.  It's a win-win-win.
PS - I make a rule that they have to stay at the egg to figure out if it's equivalent or not.  They can only keep the egg if it is, otherwise they put the paper back and leave it alone.  I let them take their whiteboards out, too, for a space to solve.
For your answer key, print 6-to-a-page in the "multiple" section of your print options.  This allows you to have ONE sheet with all of the answers.
Happy hunting!

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