Have Courage & Be Kind

There are tons of things that are hard about being a teacher.   The hardest, in my opinion, is seeing our students hurt.  Sometimes we can help them feel better, and sometimes there are things happening in their lives that are out of our control.  And it breaks my heart into a million little pieces.  If my students learn but one thing from me in the 180 days I have to make a difference in their valuable lives, I hope they learn this: HAVE COURAGE AND BE KIND.  Yes, more than math, writing, science, art, history, P.E. and even more than passing the end of year test.  Students are people, and people are more important than any of those things.  
We could all use a little (or a lot) more of this in our world.  You are making a difference.  Every day.  Even if it feels hopeless, you are making a difference.  Your kind words travel an extended distance.  You are enough!  You are terrific!  You are valued!  You are important.  You are appreciated.  So hang in there!  You've got this!

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