Drawing Expressions

I seriously L.O.V.E. algebra.  Every little thing about it!  I love teaching it, I love solving it, I just love, love, love it.  *cue Beatles music....

As a teacher I have come to realize that not all students come through my door with the same sentiment towards algebra.  Thus, I have a personal mission to make sure they leave through my door with a love (or at least some mutual respect!  Ha!)

Algebra can get a little tricky when you start to mix variables in, so I created this to help my students visualize what is going on with the distributive property and the variables.  Sometimes when they distribute, they forget about the variable and they just add or multiply the coefficients.  Those variables feel sad! 

I laminate these for student use, but the document camera gets a nasty glare when I try to project laminated things, so this one is just written right on there as an example. 

Color coding! It's a life saver.  My visual students really latch on to this, and it also helps to get the idea of terms across.  Later, when we combine like-terms, we will bring the colors back!  I also like to keep all math symbols in one color.  This also helps break up the terms, and it seems to help the math symbols & operations stick around....they tend to get lost on some problems...

I hope this little idea helps!  You can find this in my TPT store!

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