Task Card Tutorial Series: Organizing All of Your Cards & Hot Temperatures

You know how lots of cool bloggers have those "currently" posts?  Well, currently I am seeking refuge in my basement from the 89 degree temperature in the upstairs of our house.  89 DEGREES PEOPLE!  Our A/C is dead, and Fix-It Felix isn't coming until tomorrow.  This guy has no idea how excited I will be to see his work truck arrive.  Unfortunately, this is not the hottest I've been in the past week.  Growing up, every time my family took a big old family trip, there was always a hiccup with the car.  Part of it was Murphy's Law, and part of it was probably just the fact that the cars we had couldn't handle the heat.  Well, on our way back from San Diego this weekend on the I-15, our car power went out...like while we were going 70 mph.  We made it off the freeway next to another car that was having some troubles.  It was a given since it was 116 degrees.  That is Satan weather.  If you live in this type of weather often, props to you.  I would die.  After I cooked an egg on the asphalt.  :)  

Let's get down to business and talk about organizing the many, many sets of task cards you have lurking in your classroom!  There are lots of great resources out there, Mary at Task Card Corner has some fun ones HERE, but I always spend too much money on books for my classroom that I have to cut back somewhere else.  (aka I don't want too many Target trips showing up on our bank account.....)  

You'll need some of these nifty plastic "shoe box" containers.  They sell them at the dollar store, but I have a complex about my plastic containers matching, and the dollar store doesn't always carry the exact same brand and design.  So, I buy these guys from Walmart here.  They sell them individually at the store, and they are a dollar as well.  Win!  They sometimes carry blue and pink, but that would interfere with my plastic container complex.  After organizing each set individually, start loading them in!

I like to have different boxes for different subjects, but depending on how many task cards you have, that might not be the most efficient option for you.  If you don't have enough task cards to fill multiple boxes, I suggest making tabs to separate the subjects/concepts to save yourself from having to flip through each set every time you need to take them out. Ain't nobody got time for that.  

Now with the lid on, you can easily see what's inside, but it's all organized and VERY accessible when you're in a hurry!  If you don't like to see what's inside, you could line the sides with fun contact paper or even some scrapbook paper!  Now that that idea just popped into my head, I'm probably going to need to do this.  :)  Stay tuned!

Happy organizing, and here's hoping our A/C gets fixed on the double!

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