Gettin' Fresh

One of the most difficult things for me in the TpT product creation process is NAMING THE PRODUCT!  Seriously.  It's a life struggle for me.  Giving essays titles was always, always the most dreaded part of writing a paper because I always felt like it sounded like the teacher from Charlie Brown.  #whawhawha.  So, when I was trying to come up with a cool name for these little strips, I wanted to find something catchy and original.  I wanted it to rhyme with "strip."  I used a rhyming dictionary and the best result: bean dip.  Guys, I really REALLY wanted to call these guys bean dip strips.  I'd love to go through the trademarking process on that!  Ha! 
So, I went for task strips since they're a lot like task cards, buuuut they're little strips instead to keep things fresh in your classroom!
Click on the picture to find this product in my TpT store!
I seriously love fall so much, but it is a challenging time for a teacher when Halloween draws near.  Hence this little lovely that I love so much: I can review ratios on Halloween so that I don't have to teach a new concept on Halloween that I know won't stick, but I also don't have to throw academics to the wolves either!  Review is so important! 
Hang in there guys!  May the force be with your teaching cause you've got this!

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