Spelling Correctly = Job Security plus a Holiday FREEBIE

When I was an intern my first year of teaching, we had monthly meetings with all of the interns in our district and our CFAs & Liaison (basically the people who observed us very regularly and offered more support than I could ever thank them for!!!).  I love these people to this day.  Each month, they'd give us tips & ideas and a little something that we could use in our classroom the next morning without any preparation on our part.  For October, they gave us these!  I laminated mine and put a little magnet on the back so they'd stick on my whiteboard, but you could simply balance them on the marker holder/lip thing.  I am drawing a blank on its "real" name.  Ha! 

They were a class-wide behavior idea to use each day.  As students are on task, clean up their tables quickly, return from recess on time, remember to raise their hands, everyone turns in their homework, etc. (really WHATEVER you want them to do), they can earn a letter!  There were also times that they lost a letter if they couldn't stop chatting or if they earned a poor score from their science/history/art/PE/computer class that day.  If they DID earn all of the letters by the end of the day, they could pick a little prize out of "The Cauldron!"  Thanks Dollar Tree!  The prizes were stupidly cheap: those nasty ring spiders, a bouncy eyeball, vampire teeth, but, I tell ya, those 3rd graders LOVED IT!  (My first year of teaching I had a no-sugar policy, but candy also works great!)  With my younger 3rd graders, I had to set a 5-second decision rule or else there were some kids who would pine over which color of spider ring to get.  It's a big deal folks. 

With my 6th graders, the prize cauldron actually went over really well, though sometimes instead of a prize, I'd have the reward be a homework pass (this was usually if they had been super amazing all week) or pencils.  A few times it would be to get to have an afternoon recess for 10 minutes and that was a prized reward! 

I love mixing things up each month because the same old routine gets too easy for the teacher and my class always got sick of it and the novelty wore off.  I have nothing against easy, but it is so easy for me to get into a rut that is easy for me but not really appealing to my kids anymore.  Plus, October is always a crazy month with too much candy and too many changes in the weather to not have something up my sleeve! 

I have made a little freebie of these behavior cards for you!  However, they don't say "Witch's Brew" and I will tell you why (other than the fact that they're not mine to duplicate).  Sometimes, these letters get mixed up on your board when you have a substitute and the "B" gets put where the "W" should go.  I know, I'm saving you a trip to the principal's office.  That's because we are good friends.  :)  So!  The free ones I have for you say "Spooktacular" and "Pumpkin Patch" if you're not feeling the whole Halloween vibe but you still need a little sanity saver this month. Instead of a cauldron, you can easily use one of those cheapy pumpkin candy holders or a cornucopia!  Whatever floats your boat.  Happy Haunting! 


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